About Me / CV

"Creating Impactful And High Quality Visual Effects Is My Passion"

Dedicated to bringing creative and compelling stories to life on screen

My name is Alexander Tosney, but my friends and colleagues call me “Xander”.

As you’ll likely have guessed, “RednaX” is my name backwards, as I’ve learned that rushing headlong at a problem isn’t generally the best approach. Looking at all angles, even working backwards, can often be advantageous!

I graduated from the University of Chichester with a BA (Hons) in 3D Animation and VFX (2:1) in 2023 and am now seeking work as a Junior VFX Artist or Nuke Compositor.

Through my studies and personal research I have gained proficiency in industry-standard software such as Houdini, Nuke, Maya, UnReal Engine and Premiere Pro.

I love to be challenged and to consider alternative approaches to solving problems. My education and personal development projects have been focused on building a solid set of Houdini VFX artist and 3D Generalist skills, and experiences from which to draw in solving the VFX challenges of the future.

I began my journey into the world of visual effects at an early age! With a love of film, inherited from my parents, I was exposed to everything from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Grown Ups, Aliens to Ghostbusters, Scream to Scary Movie and started creating my own stop-motion short films using Lego and action figures!

I especially enjoyed immersing myself in the Marvel and Star Wars universes, but it wasn’t until I re-watched Avatar in my early teens, that I fell in love with the power of visual effects to not only facilitate, but drive and shape the narrative.

Seeing how the talented artists at WETA created such realistic skin for Alita: Battle Angel, with pores, texture and movement captivated me.  More recently, WETA took another huge leap forward in water simulations with Avatar: The Way of Water.  The manner in which they approach such complex and interesting challenges inspires me, making me determined to learn and master these crafts, especially water simulations, one day hoping to participate in the creation of similar VFX master pieces.

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