Lightning Dude - Nuke Key, cleanup and composition

Project Type : Training Project
Date : 10th April 2024 (v2 update)

An updated version of my original “Lightning Dude” scene incorporating feedback from the amazing Hugo Guerra (thanks Hugo).

I took stock practice footage, provided free by the wonderful Action VFX, which includes the actor in front of a green screen and a static backplate. After creating a key to extract the action plate, I painted out a number of elements from the back plate to simplify the scene a little, then used VFX elements from Production Crate to create the final scene. I finished this with a uniform grain and cinematic grade.

This version has incorporated subtle movement in the legs to simulate floating, better light wrap on the dude’s head, more consistent depth of field, ramped up lighting in the background and more realistic interactive lighting for the orb. Colour grading and grain has also been improved.

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