Demon Rise - Nuke Effects and Houdini FLIP Simulation

Project Type : Training Project
Date : 18th February 2024

I created this scene of a demon rising from a lake of blood during a Rebelway Academy Houdini training course.  The course unit submission was originally a stone statue rising from a pool of swirling water.  I decided to put a unique spin on this scene, however, by using a Mixamo animated model of a demon and having this rise up from a rocky pool of blood.

SideFX Houdini really is such a powerful tool for creating realistic and visually stunning fluid simulations, with your imagination being the only limitation!

I took stock practice footage, provided free by the wonderful Action VFX, to create the first two shots, then went to work with Nuke to track flame elements onto the torch, rotoscope the actor to allow application of a mist effect layer to the background, applied atmospheric effects and finished with a consistent grain and cinematic grade.  I used the same approach to bring the 3D elements together in the final shot in the sequence.

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