Missile Attack - Houdini Pyro Simulation and Nuke Composition

Project Type : Personal Project
Date : 4th April 2024 (V2 Update)

An updated version of my original “City Bombardment” scene, where I took stock practice footage, provided free by the wonderful Action VFX, of an actor entering a scene overlooking a small cityscape with a panning camera movement. Applying the skills developed through the Rebelway Academy Houdini Explosion FX course, I built a bombardment simulation and rendered this in Mantra. I then integrated this into an action scene using the backplate and other VFX elements from Production Crate to create the final scene. I finished this with a uniform grain and cinematic grade.

This version has the helicopter removed and the missiles impacting military vehicles on the street. Colour grading and grain has been improved to ensure black levels match and the explosion has a more appropriate level of saturation and exposure. All following feedback during my participation in Hugo Guerra’s “Honest Showreel Reviews” segment of his amazing YouTube stream (you have to check them out – https://www.youtube.com/hugosdesk)

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