Building Destruction - Houdini Destruction and Pyro Simulations

Project Type : Training Project
Date : 12th April 2024 (v2 update)

I created this scene applying the skills I had developed during recent Rebelway Academy training courses in Houdini Explosion FX and Houdini Destruction FX.

Utilising Rigid Body Dynamics (RBD) simulation, with an explosive force to destroy a multi-storey office building. I generated pre-fractured elements customised and appropriate to the materials for each part of the building, such as wood, concrete and glass, with different constraint networks to achieve a realistic destruction and collapse effect.  I lit this with point lights and some atmospheric area lights, attached to portable spotlight models.

The building is not textured, but the fragmentation and constraint networks are built for each material group, ensuring realistic breakdown of the structure and materials.

I created pyro simulations for the main explosion and dust cloud created by the collapse, then rendered the final scene using Karma.

Following feedback, I’ve fixed the motion blur issues in the render and added a basic background to show the breakup of the explosion and smoke more clearly.  This version has the same simulations, but I used separate renders with deep camera map data to try out a deep composite.  This allowed greater control of the motion blur in 2D, rather than applying this in 3D.  It was also a great way to learn how to utilise deep data for a better composite of volumetric 3D renders in Nuke.

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